Quarantine Arena

As part of the Quakecon 2020 Homebrew Game Jam, Quarantine Arena was Nocturnal Studios' first project together and took first place in the competition. The game was originally developed and released in 20 hours, before receiving an update a few days later wrapping up the project with more content and bug fixes. The game includes 4 difficulties to progress through, in addition to an endless mode to test how far you can last against the hordes of demons. On its final release Quarantine Arena launched with a contest sponsored by BAWLS Guarana, rewarding its winners with a t-shirt and a package provided by our sponsor.

Quarantine Arena:

The Depths

In the 2021 Bellevue College Global Game Jam, Nocturnal Studios once again took home the awards for both Best Use of Theme and Overall Best in Show. The Depths is a top-down stealth horror game where you are an explorer in charge of retrieving ancient artifacts that were lost in a forgotten temple. You must search through the darkness for a key to escape, collect valuable treasure, uncover the history of an ancient community, and avoid an evil lurking in the depths. The Depth's was Nocturnal Studios' first experience developing a game with zero borrowed assets, as every sprite, sound, and asset was made by a member of our small team who finished the entire game in under 48 hours.

The Depths:

Line Con

Compete in a series of mini-games as you earn your way to the front of the line. Line Con has never been better as you play as some of your favorite Bethesda characters with up to 50 of your friends, and foes. Line Con is a project made for the 2021 Quakecon Game Jam for the theme "Waiting in Line," which took home first place in the competition. The massive multiplayer online party game would pit its players against eachother in round after round, randomly selecting from 3 mini-games at launch. These minigames included a stealth game of redlight greenlight, a parkour race as raging flames encroach, and an infection mode where the last survivor of the alien plague wins. Players could chat with eachother as they play and choose from 25 characters, each cosmetically distinct in their art and jump sounds.

Line Con:

Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. Players take the role of divine beings of great power, taking actions in a play-by-post forum game to strategically build their own civilization and compete with other players. The goal in any given match is never the same, but instead provided by the players. Each player may seek to conquer the world, or possess the most deeply cultured nation, or simply to survive. Players take turns in no particular order as they interact with the world, using a given amount of actions to develop new technology, claim territory, and use units they place and move on the map.

The game has been played in 6 separate iterations, some of which have been ran and arbited by other people. Each game has lasted an average of 5 months, with an average of 15-20 active players, and has managed a thriving online community of 50+ members for 6 years. Over the years the game has tested and honed my graphic design, game design, community management, and quality assurance skills. Up until recently, each tech tree, character sheet, and map has been created and adjusted by hand. Now, displayed in the first picture is a custom software I am programming for creating and editing maps and other assets for the game. With each iteration of the game I have been able to test systems, take feedback, and make design adjustments to improve the game's experience until it has become a well oiled system successful enough to be run independently by others. I plan to expand on the features of this custom software to a point of confidence that I may release it along with a finalized rulebook for people to enjoy as a unique strategic experience with friends.

Realm of Silence

Realm of Silence is a total conversion mod for Quake 2 currently on hiatus. As co-developer on the project I served as game and level designer. Early in its development the project was put on hiatus as other things in life took priority, however, it served as an excellent learning experience dipping my toes into 3D level design and multiplayer PvP game design. The videos below showcase two levels I created for this project, one for a basic pvp (player versus player) deathmatch gamemode competing for the most frags, and the second of which designed as a pve (player versus enemy) mode to fend off waves of incoming enemies.

The first person arena shooter's primary gamemode focused on a MOBA derivative of CTF where skill and team strategy are fundamental. The game included a selection of characters/champions that each feature different weapons, abilities, and thus playstyles. Two 5v5 teams compete to capture the enemy team's "rune key" and bring it back to their own base, meanwhile combating enemy defenses and collecting resources to empower their own. Maps in this gamemode consisted of three lanes that connect them. The top and bottom lanes included many connected rooms and hallways on the edges of the map, meanwhile the middle lane is far more straightforward and open. A labyrinth of rooms between the lanes was known as the jungle, filled to the brim with dangerous AI monsters. To achieve victory, each teammate would progress towards occupying a role on the team. The assault characters occupy the outer lanes, killing enemy creep to gain resources and eventually destroy the enemy towers that guard the outer lanes. Skirmisher characters spend their time in the map's jungle, killing monsters to collect skulls that provide team buffs. These buffs are key to escalate coordinated pushes and win team fights. The tank and support character work as a coordinated pair to secure the middle lane, preventing any pushes onto their base and eventually pushing into the enemy base to capture their rune key.

Realm of Silence in description is alike many other MOBA games, but in its systems differs greatly. Typically in games of this genre, a character is locked into a single role, restricting you from ever filling another position while playing the character of your preference. The biggest complaint in these games comes from player toxicity, typically derived from other teammates taking the character or role you desire. Characters in Realm of Silence are not role-locked, and instead may progress into any role during a match by choosing items and abilities that benefit the position they are playing. If things are not working out, players may even redistribute their points mid-round and swap roles with eachother. Every champion is designed with a pool of abilities and weapons they may choose from, allowing players to build their characters around their team instead of being forced to rely on someone else to do their job in order to win the game. Although development was put on pause, the game's design document fully constructed the kits of 8 characters with abilities to fill several roles and introduce dynamicism in how their abilities would interact.

Board Games

In coordination with Nocturnals Studios LLC, I contributed as a lead designer and as quality assurance in the development of several board and card games. I designed the gameplay for Egg Bandit, Jousting, and several unreleased titles. I did quality assurance for these games as well, in addition to all other board games by Nocturnal Studios LLC, all of which were sold at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2022, Oklahoma Renfest 2022, and The Medieval Faire of Norman 2023. These releases have provided me with practical experience in the field of making balance adjustments to game systems in response to both test groups and feedback from sold copies.

In addition to professional experience, I have experimented with card and board game development on my own throughout the years. The final image in the following gallery shows a card game of my own design, turning the standard 52-card deck into a turn-based deck-building strategy game. I have also designed a strategic boardgame on a 6x6 chess board involving unique chess-like pieces that acts as both a simplified introduction to the concepts of chess for beginners, and a interesting twist on the game for veteran players.

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